Mobile Websites & Apps

  • A one-stop shop for launching mobile internet platforms
    for entertainment providers
  • All elements of the mobile experience including creative, acquisition, billing, reporting, and customer service
  • Strategies to build, scale, maintain, and optimize mobile campaigns

With Gemini Interactive you invest in proven solutions developed by our highly-skilled team that will properly represent your brand in the mobile industry and instantly move you ahead your competitors. Starting with concept and strategy, to design, development and deployment, we offer a one-stop shop service to launch your mobile internet business, helping to reduce implementation time and facilitate the processes. Our custom services include a broad range of B2C and B2B product lines and support systems, and are built to suit your exact specifications and business requirements, regardless of how complex they may be.

Mobile Monetization Solutions

  • Efficient monetization of digital entertainment by providing the quickest billing methods to the user on the go
  • Creative tools to reach, engage and convert mobile audiences to paying customers

Given that mobile is nowadays the main channel driving the expansion of digital entertainment, offering your audience a streamlined payment process with only a few clicks to access content is particularly important. But even despite the rapid growth of mobile and a significant increase in content revenues, navigating the mobile payments landscape remains challenging.

Carrier Billing

  • Frictionless payment experience for mobile users with highest conversion rates
  • Better traffic performance and maximum monetization potential

Gemini Interactive offers mobile publishers and traffic owners a possibility to monetize mobile users via direct carrier billing. The simplicity of carrier billing payment flow provides a frictionless payment experience to the end-user and naturally generates the highest conversion rates.

White labels, mobile video on demand & live cam apps

  • Convenient and affordable solutions for establishing brand's mobile presence and entering the mobile market
  • Efficient gateway to affiliate marketing

Gemini Interactive’s WHITE LABEL solutions will properly represent your brand in the mobile industry and instantly move you ahead your competitors. Don’t waste your time on a complex development on your own, but instead invest in proven solutions, developed by our highly-skilled team.

We offer white labels, branded mobile templates & landing pages for premium membership websites & Android or iOS apps in a variety of verticals. If you want to leverage our portfolio of commercially successful products to engage mobile consumers across smartphones and tablets, reach out to us anytime.